B I G    N E W S

That’s right! It’s time! We’ve been keeping a secret for a few months now and we’re all giddy to share it with you today! As you know, we have two adult rooms – The Hideout, and September 1777, and a kids room – Shipwrecked (opening soon). We’ve had such raving reviews and so many excited returners that we’ve told you all about our space for a third room – a murder mystery theme. What we haven’t been telling you is that we did a little unexpected work on the side.

We’ve always been very proud of our ship. It’s our statement piece, our conversation starter, our draw. It’s been a process to create not only a room for kids to experience puzzles, but also celebrate in a totally new and elaborate world to have a party – on the ship! Our Tavern has been a work in progress and has always been a favorite room of not only ours, but yours too. That’s right, we’ve seen you all drooling over the dim lighting, ship decor and pirate’s booty. 

After hearing “wait, adults can’t play in there?” and “I’d love to just sit in that room” and “can we have an afterparty there?” we started thinking. (And by “we,” I mean Melanie and Heather). Now don’t get ahead of yourself. The Shipwrecked room is not converting to an adult room. BUT! We’ve transformed the Tavern to a multipurpose room. A pizza, cupcake and party room for the kids and…. (drumroll)… 

A N O T H E R    A D U L T    R O O M 

That’s right. For those of you who just couldn’t wait for us to build the murder mystery room, you don’t have to! And for those of you who just wanted to sit and soak in the ambiance of the Tavern, you can’t… because you’ll have to work to escape it! As we’ve been working and developing the room, it has quickly become one of our favorite parts of our space and we’re over the moon excited to bring groups in to experience it!

The room has been designed for up to 10 players. Who will be your captain? Will you and your crew escape in 60 minutes?

This ship sets sail in October

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