Choose Your Escape. Experience

At Escape. On Queen, we offer (currently) THREE adult escape rooms with the coming addition of our kid’s Shipwrecked room AND a murder mystery room for adults. Each room offers a uniquely engaging and challenging experience. Keep looking out for our new rooms coming soon!

September 1777 Room Description

September 1777

We are in the midst of the Revolutionary War and things are taking a turn for the worse. The continental congress is being forced from Philadelphia and will make a stop 90 miles from their starting point in a small rural area called Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Besty Ross has entrusted her Uncle George Ross, to keep the original flag safe in his home. In the midst of a tense situation, Uncle George has fallen ill. It is now your job to enter his home, uncover the flag, and escape the room before the British arrive. If you can make it out on time you may save the fate of our country. Be smart, be quick, and be brave. Good luck.
The Hideout Room Description

The Hideout

The year is 1950.  Families are growing, the economy is booming, and America is as strong as it’s ever been.  But somewhere across the Lancaster countryside 2 young lovers are running from the law. This fearless couple has been accused of one of the most well-crafted and elaborately planned robberies the state has ever seen.  Can you uncover the stolen cash and get out before encountering the deceitful duo? The clock is ticking. These two are smart and calculating so if they sense your team hot on their trail they’ll be off and running…

I hope it’s not too late to find the missing money and confirm that this is the Banker Bandits’ “Hideout!”

Escape Room Game Descriptions

The Tavern

Captain Johnny X has been plundering the seas for years but now he has met his match- HIMSELF! He has locked himself out of his personal quarters where he keeps his finest Hogshead. The crew has already tried to help him get in but they haven’t been successful, now there’s a storm coming and most of his skittish crew have run off. He is desperate for help and is willing to pay a handsome reward if you get him back in his quarters. I’m not quite sure why he feels that he needs to have you chained to the floor of the tavern though, I guess he has trust issues.
Shipwrecked Room Description


A swashbuckling band of children overtook the Scarlett Lydia and has been plundering the seas and terrifying travelers for years. This group of buccaneers is well known for their tiny stature and scrappy ways. In the midst of a strong gale the Captain of the ship was ruthlessly tossed overboard and the pint sized pirates have run the Scarlett Lydia aground in a jungle lagoon. They have hour to unlock the captains quarters and find their way into the safety before the sun sets and the jungle creatures come out.