Against all regards & warnings, EOQ Vacations has decided to allow you and your crew to enjoy an one hour excursion to the deserted island and home of the infamous shipwrecked site of The Scarlett Lydia. The only problem is, things are a lot different when traversing the island at night. This isn’t your ordinary cruise excursion.

Legend has it that the island becomes alive, at night, and it wants you to stay there, permanently. There’s only one way to escape, find the legendary treasure of The Scarlett Lydia’s original crew. Make haste mateys, your vessel departs in 60 minutes.

*WARNING* This is our Shipwrecked room transformed for the Halloween Season. THIS ROOM WILL BE LOWLY LIT AND ALMOST DARK, FEATURING FOG EFFECTS, FLASHING LIGHTS & POSSIBLE LOUD SOUNDS. This room may be a little scary for younger adventurers. Also note, THERE MAY BE LIVE ACTORS WITH YOU DURING YOUR EXPERIENCE.

For cancellations or rescheduling, please see our FAQ section or call us at 717-435-8049.

Room Statistics

Best for:  groups of 3-6.

Room Size

Download Waiver

Before you can play the room each player must fill out the waiver. To save time on the day of your event have you team complete the waiver prior to arriving.  Click on the file below to download the waiver.

pdf iconEscape. On Queen Waiver Form (35KB)