The Tavern

The Tavern

Captain Driscoll’s prized treasure awaits, but Captain Johnny X, the meanest, nastiest pirate these seas have ever seen, is making sure you’re not getting your hands on it! To the point that he even had us chain you to the floor of the Tavern. I guess he has trust issues.

Captain X & his crew have already tried to make their way in but they haven’t been successful, now it’s up to you. With the Captain & the crew off to regroup and come up with a new plan, you only have one hour to free yourselves, find Captain Driscoll’s treasure & escape!

Be the best mates you can & work together or ye be walkin the plank!

Room Difficulty: Hard

Best for: ages 14 and up, large parties, & those looking for a challenge to escape

 (All guests under 16 require adult supervision)

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the size of this room, a minimum of 5 players are needed. If you book this room & arrive with less than 5 players you may be asked to choose another room.


  • Finished in 1 Hour 20.3% 20.3%

Best for:

Download Waiver

Before you can play the room each player must fill out the waiver. To save time on the day of your event have you team complete the waiver prior to arriving.  Click on the file below to download the waiver.

pdf icon- Escape. On Queen Waiver Form (35KB)