The Tavern

The Tavern

Captain Johnny X has been plundering the seas for years but now he has met his match- HIMSELF! He has locked himself out of his personal quarters where he keeps his finest Hogshead. The crew has already tried to help him get in but they haven’t been successful, now there’s a storm coming and most of his skittish crew have run off. He is desperate for help and is willing to pay a handsome reward if you get him back in his quarters. I’m not quite sure why he feels that he needs to have you chained to the floor of the tavern though, I guess he has trust issues.

The storm is approaching more quickly than anticipated so work quickly before the rest of the skeleton crew leaves you behind.

Just remember to watch your back- Pirates are rarely what they seem!

You will only have one hour to assist Captain Johnny X and he does not take kindly to failure! Be sure to help him out or you may be forced to walk the plank.

Minimum age requirement: 14 (ALL guest under 16 require adult supervision)

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the size of this room, a minimum of 5 players are needed. If you book this room & arrive with less than 5 players you may be asked to choose another room.


  • Finished in 1 Hour 20.3% 20.3%

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Download Waiver

Before you can play the room each player must fill out the waiver. To save time on the day of your event have you team complete the waiver prior to arriving.  Click on the file below to download the waiver.

pdf icon- Escape. On Queen Waiver Form (35KB)