visiting lancaster

I used to feel impartial to my hometown. I thought it was just the land of rolling corn fields, dusted with the fresh scent of manure. It was always fascinating to me that people actually wanted to come here to visit. I just couldn’t imagine being a kid and hearing my parents say “this year, for vacation, instead of going to the beach, we thought we’d go to… LANCASTER!” What. The older I get and the more invested I become in this city, with these people, the more the pride beams on my face when I tell strangers where I call home. So it doesn’t surprise me so much anymore (okay, maybe a little… I mean, the beach?) that visitors are frequently filtering through our doors at Escape. On Queen. So far off friends, this one is for you.

We love hearing from our out of towners and we’re honored to share in their Lancaster visit! But we’ve been seeing a trend – “now what should we do.” We want you to love your Lancaster City experience and get all that you can out of it so we’ve put together a list of places to visit and things to do. It’s not a comprehensive list but there’s a good chance you’ll run into one of us here on any given day!


Cafe One Eight – My favorite parfait of all time and my (almost) daily Hazelnut Latte

Prince Street Cafe – Melanie and Heather’s favorite soup spot

Copper Cup – A little outside of the center of town but a great place to swing by if you’re into the simplistic, trendy style happening here. I mean, if you didn’t take a picture of your coffee, did you really have any? 


Lancaster Cupcake – Flavors change every week! We’re basically regulars there.

Penny’s – Arguably the most popular ice cream in Lancaster. They just moved into their new location and it’s super cute!


Rachel’s Creperie – Always a first suggestion. I honestly didn’t know crepes were anything but thin pancakes filled with fruit. HOLY. SMOKES. I have never been to a crepery I’ve liked more. Try the Blackbird or the Thai Chicken – phenomenal.

Himalayan Curry and Grill – It’s just around the corner from us. We have a hard time not ordering it every day. But if you’re looking to eat there on the weekend, make sure you call in and reserve your table! 

Sakura – If you love sushi, this is a great option in the city! I’m pretty sure they know me by order at this point. Again, dangerous because it’s basically right beside us. 


Annie Baileys – Excellent food. Quite possibly the home of my favorite pulled pork sandwich.

Tellus 360 – The most versatile bar I’ve ever stepped foot in. Live music in the front, a DJ in the back, games on the 2nd floor and a new rooftop bar!

Taproom – I’m not a craft beer fiend but you’ll find me here almost every Tuesday night for tacos. It’s a great place to casually hang out with a group of friends… and it’s a plus if you can appreciate the beer.

Things to do:

Lancaster Central Market – We love market days! Market is open on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. The historic building is filled with local stands, produce, and gifts! If you’re a donut lover, grab yourself an Achenbaugh’s Long John!

The Pottery Works – This is a great way to keep kids entertained for an afternoon but it’s great for adults too (at least I hope that’s the general consensus because I’m a frequent). Let some creativity out!

Binns Park– If you’re looking for something free on a hot summer day, take your kids to Binn’s Park. It’s a really easy way to entertain the kids for a time but make sure you have a change of clothes. We occasionally take the kids there to let out some energy and cool off by running through the fountains.


First Friday – If you’re here on the first Friday of the month, you’re in luck! Shops stay open late and often offer samples or special entertainment. It’s a great night to get out in the city and stop by all the shops!

Third Friday – Music Friday! On the third Friday of the month, local artists fill the streets with melodies. It’s a great night to grab some outdoor seating at any of our great local restaurants and listen to the sounds of the city!

Are you overwhelmed? I hope not. Lancaster City is full of great restaurants and small shops and businesses but we just wanted to get you a small taste. We love our neighbors and the community we get to be part of! We can’t tell you about all of the places in Lancaster because you’d be sitting here reading forever – this is just a sampling of smorgasbord of Lancaster City life. We promise you’ll find so many wonderful places just by walking down the streets! But as always, we’d suggest you come visit us, too. Come back later for our featured locations! Happy exploring, friends!