Betsy's letter to Uncle George in September 1777.
September 1777

Its September 1777 and we are in the midst of the Revolutionary War, things are taking a turn for the worse. The continental congress is being forced from Philadelphia and will make a stop 90 miles to the west of their starting point in a small rural community called Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Help George Ross and his niece, Betsy, save our nation and it’s flag. The fate of our nation’s symbol of freedom rests in your hands. Can you find the flag and send it westward to safety with the Continental Congress before the Loyalist intercept it? You have 1 hour to rescue the flag before the British arrive at the Ross residence.

Do not delay, we are depending on you…

Good luck, be brave and be quick.

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Best for:  ages 8 and up (All guests under 16 require adult supervision)

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  • Finished in 1 Hour 53% 53%

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