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The notoriously ruthless Captain Johnny X has been plundering the seas for months and has now come
aboard the majestic ship named the Scarlett Lydia. To your dismay, he has taken you and the rest of the
crew hostage and locked you up in The Tavern. He is frantically searching the vessel trying to find the key to
Captain Driscol’s prized treasure.


Your only chance to survive is by working together. Unlock yourselves from capture, solve the puzzles and
clues left behind by Captain Driscol, and find your way into his quarters where treasure and safety await you.
You’ll have 60 minutes to find his treasure and make your escape before Captain Johnny X returns
to make you walk the plank! 


Guests: 5-10

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the design of this room, a minimum of 5 players is needed to successfully complete this challenge.

(This experience contains thematic elements such as brief moments of low lighting & possible loud noises)

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