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Enjoy your 60-minute excursion to a deserted island and home of the infamous shipwrecked site of
the Scarlett Lydia. Spend your time lounging on the beach, swimming in the tropical waters, exploring the
lush jungle, or discovering the secrets of this mystical island paradise.

Don’t forget your bags on the dock: you may need that sunscreen after all. This captain runs a tight ship, so be on
the dock in 60 minutes or be left to fend for yourselves in a wild jungle that may not be so enticing after dark. 

Oh, and if you’re not like our typical beach bum tourists, you may discover the legendary treasure of the
Scarlett Lydia’s original crew. Will you be the first to uncover the riches? Or will you be left behind?


So, island goers, whether you decide to sunbathe, swim, or explore,

make haste, mateys. Your vessel departs in 60 minutes. 

Guests: Up to 6 

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