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The year is 1950. Families are growing, the economy is booming, and America is as strong as it’s ever been. But somewhere across the Lancaster countryside, two young newlyweds are running from the law. This fearless couple has been accused of one of the most well-crafted and elaborately planned robberies the state has ever seen. Betty, a bank teller, and Paul, the unassuming customer, have made off with bags of cash, more cash than what is imaginable.

They’ve been dubbed the “Banker Bandits,” and the police have handed the case off to you and your team. It's now your job to find them. You’ll have 60 minutes to search their latest presumed “Hideout,” the Hess barn, located amongst crops and cattle. Although the bandits have not been seen, farmer John Hess called authorities after seeing signs that his barn had been their latest refuge. He has now turned the property over to you and your team of investigators for a thorough search. Do you see signs of them seeking refuge in his barn, and can you uncover the stolen cash to get out before encountering the deceitful duo? The clock is ticking. These two are smart and calculated, so you must escape before they sense your team is hot on their trail or else they’ll be off and running…

We hope it’s not too late to find the stolen cash! Work quickly in their rumored “Hideout,” and stay under the radar before
Paul and Betty catch wind of your team of investigators and are off and running!

Good luck and hurry up…

Guests: Up to 8 

(This experience contains thematic elements such as brief moments of low lighting, flashing lights & possible loud noises)

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