September 1777

The Hideout

The Tavern

Will You Escape in Time?

There is only one way to find out!
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What is an escape room?

es·cape room /əˈskāp/ /ro͞om,ro͝om/ — An Escape. room is a physical adventure where players gather in a room, they find clues and solve a series of puzzles to Escape. before time is up.


Follow the Clues

All the clues are there, but can you find them?

Find the Key

You will need to work as a team unlock all the clues

Solve the Puzzle

So you are good at crosswords?  That may or may not help you here!

Escape the Room

Can you and your team escape in 60 minutes?


Escape. On Queen

Address:  43 N Queen Street
                 Lancaster, PA 17603
Phone:  717-435-8049

Tues-Thur: 11:00a-5:30p
Fri: 11:30a-11:30p
Sat: 11:00a-midnight
Sun: 1:00p-7:00p