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A bank robbery escape room in Lancaster, PA
A shipwrecked escape room in Lancaster
Escape on Queen pirate tavern escape room in Lancaster, PA
Lancaster, PA Revolutionary War escape room


A murder mystery escape room in Lancaster, PA

What Is an Escape Room?

es·cape room /əˈskāp/ /ro͞om,ro͝om/ — An escape room is

a physical adventure where players gather in a themed room, find clues, and solve a series of puzzles to escape in

a set amount of time.

Follow the Clues

You will be immersed in

a room full of clues, 

not all in plain sight.

Discover the Solution

You will need to work

as a team to unlock

all the clues.

Solve the Puzzle

Rooms have a series

of puzzles that must be solved in either a linear or nonlinear design.

Escape the Room

All rooms have a preset time allowance to escape. 


"This is the 4th escape room place I've been to and this was hands down the best. Every room is decorated well, they have 3 ability levels, the process was simple, and nothing was broken. My family of 4 tried an intermediate level room and finished with 7 minutes to spare."


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